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Oral Health Tips

It happens when you least expect it. #Corona #pandemic has changed our life for some time now if not forever. India has enforced lockdown. The situation is tough and we are slowly getting used to the life indoors.

There are many still out there helping the needy. We must be thankful and appreciate our doctors, nurses, police force, politicians, cleaning staff, local municipality staff for their untiring effort in controlling the unprecedented situation we are facing as a nation. We have our bit to contribute as well, and the very first duty is to strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the Government and local authorities. Together we can defeat #Corona.

We at #Dentorbit Dental Clinic also decided to close normal clinic operation as per IDA guidelines and many clinics in country are following such steps to avoid virus spread. We are open only for emergencies.

While the situation prevents you to avail normal dental check-up, you certainly can take care of your oral health at home by following below tips.

1. First and foremost, brush your teeth twice a day. I can not emphasize enough on night brushing. It helps in preventing spread in already decayed tooth.

2. Gargle with warm saline water after every meal. This helps in preventing bad breath and food lodgement. It is also better than commercially available mouth wash liquids.

3. Floss your teeth daily.

4. Clear your tongue everyday with tongue cleaner.

5. Avoid sticky food.

6. Add salad to your daily diet. Fibers in salad helps in cleaning food deposits and also helps build your immunity.

With these few tips you can take care of your oral health while at home.

You can always avail online consultation with us on Practo. Visit here for online consultation.

This is a tough time for our nation and society but with solidarity we will get past this.

Take Care!



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